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PAN 3P-912PW is a new ultra early yellow hybrid

PAN 3P-912PW is a new ultra early yellow hybrid that strengthens Pannar's range for irrigation and high-potential eastern production areas. Nico Barnard, Pannar's agronomist for the central Highveld, is particularly impressed with the hybrid's strong prolificacy compared to PAN 3P-924PW. These videos were filmed at the Val Extravaganza site, where both hybrids were planted at 50,000 plants per hectare.

PAN 3P-912PW is an excellent stable mate for the PAN 3A-124 platform, which is a market leader under irrigation. It shows a strong tolerance to Northern Leaf Blight. PAN 3P-912PW with PowerCore™ technology provides broad spectrum protection against above-ground lepidopteran pests, stacked with glyphosate herbicide-tolerant technology for premium insect and weed control.

Feel free to talk to one of Pannar's sales representatives about how to get the most benefit from Pannar's excellent range of maize hybrids.


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