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Our cups runneth over thanks to sunflower hybrid PAN 7160CLP near Koppies!

"My cup overflows with pride thanks to this crop of sunflower hybrid PAN 7160CLP near Koppies!" says Nelia Louw, Pannar's representative in the Northern Free State. Despite eight weeks of severe heat and drought, PAN 7160CLP produced an average of 2,5 tonnes per hectare across two fields. This underscores PAN 7160CLP's yield potential and good adaptability. It was planted at 36,000 plants per hectare. Nelia confidently recommends PAN 7160CLP as part of the main planting.

Pannar’s Sunflower Hybrids

Pannar markets a range of Pannar brand sunflowers with Clearfield® Plus trait technology that competes head-to-head with conventional hybrids, providing an alternative choice for weed control and crop rotation. The Euro-Lightning® Plus herbicide provides effective post-emergence control of a variety of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Please reach out to Nelia Louw at 083 455 6909 or connect with your local Pannar expert to help you choose the perfect cultivar package for your fields.


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