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Leander Johannes is very satisfied with PAN 4A-111

Leander farms in the Kambula area, situated between Vryheid and Paulpietersburg.

Leander planted PAN 4A-111 on 24 October 2023 at 48,000 plants per hectare in 0.76 m rows. He is very satisfied with PAN 4A-111's consistent performance in the Kambula area, which is characterised by frequent misty conditions with limited heat units and high disease pressure. Willem van Rensburg, Pannar's representative in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, is proud to be part of Leander's success story.

This reliable white maize platform consists of PAN 4A-111, PAN 4R-511R and PAN 4R-811BR. These hybrids maintain outstanding stable yield performance in the eastern production region and is the first choice for high potential dryland conditions. They perform well under a wide range of plant population and yield potential levels, have good general disease tolerance, standability, hectolitre mass, grain and milling quality.

Feel free to contact Willem van Rensburg at 082 973 6671 for more information, or click here to view our white maize hybrids.


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