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Dawid le Roux shares this success story of PAN 3P-924PW near Estcourt

Dawid le Roux, Pannar's representative in Winterton, poses with this success story of PAN 3P-924PW near Estcourt. PAN 3P-924PW was planted under irrigation at 80,000 plants per hectare. PAN 3P-924PW, with PowerCore™ technology, provides broad-spectrum protection against Maize stem borer and the Chilo borer. It is stacked with glyphosate herbicide-tolerant technology for excellent insect and weed control.

This platform also includes PAN 3A-124, PAN 3R-524R and PAN 3R-724BR. This is Pannar's quickest range, and these hybrids are market leaders under irrigation. The platform is also well-suited for high-potential dryland production.

These hybrids produce an attractive grain type that dries down quickly. They are typical ultra-early hybrids with an upright leaf growth habit that can be planted at a high plant population and still maintain excellent standability. The platform features a semi-fixed ear, which is beneficial under high-potential conditions that require high plant populations. A preventative fungicide program is recommended where foliar diseases are common in high-disease-pressure environments.

Be sure to connect with one of Pannar's sales representatives about how you can get the most benefit from Pannar's excellent range of maize hybrids.


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