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A winning combination at a low seeding rate.

In this video are Junior and his wife, Corné Zeelie, alongside Hannelie Tait, Pannar's representative in Hoopstad, in their beautiful wheat planting under irrigation in the vicinity of Christiana. The Zeelie brothers planted the spring type wheat cultivars PAN 3497 and PAN 3400 at 50 kg seed per hectare. PAN 3400 was also planted in a block at 25 kg per hectare. PAN 3400 has a medium early growth period and an excellent yield potential. It is ideal for medium to later planting dates. PAN 3497's somewhat longer growing period is more suitable for early planting dates. The Pannar package is a good choice for the irrigation farmer.

Feel free to talk to your Pannar representative about the benefits of a lower sowing rate – this offers a cost-saving, potential yield increase and can buffer the crop against potential cold damage > www.pannar.com.


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